You’ve probably heard me mention the word hydrosol a few times. 

Maybe you’ve wondered what exactly is a hydrosol?


A hydrosol is a special water that we get from distilling plant material.


Here’s a pic of our handmade copper Alembic Still that we use to distil plant material to make our Chickweed Apothecary hydrosols.


Copper Alembic Still


Distilling plant material is a way that we obtain the plants powerful essential oil and when we do a steam or water distillation we also get this very special gentle water called a hydrosol (aka Aromatic Water).


Using a hydrosol has become one of my favourite things in my skin care routine.


Hydrosols have so many uses depending on the plant they’ve originated from.  They still contain the plant’s therapeutic properties but in a milder gentle form and they’re ideal if you would love a safer alternative to using essential oils.


Unlike essential oils hydrosols can be used undiluted without problems for most skin applications.  They are one of the gentlest and safest ways to use aromatics in caring for your facial skin.



Hydrosols are wonderfully versatile and have a huge range of uses with strengths according to the plant they’ve come from.

Below I’ve outlined a few ways you can include them in your well-being and beauty routine.



If you’re giving your skin a pamper session with a clay or powdered facial mask, try mixing it with a little hydrosol instead of water.  Using a hydrosol will bring its own botanical goodness for the skin as well as helping to hydrate thirsty skin.

There are different hydrosols to suit different skin needs.  Perfect if you want to customise your mask to suit your skin needs.

Some suggestions are …

  • Lavender hydrosol – has many uses but has a particularly affinity for the skin where its virtues are healing, balancing, purifying, soothing, cooling and regenerating.
  • Lavandin hydrosol – is a wonderful tonic for the skin and is particularly useful as a healing toner for oily or irritated skin.
  • Lemon Balm hydrosol – (also known as Melissa), a light uplifting lemony scent that has a soothing effect on the body and emotions .Use as a body mist, facial toner, or skin tonic to soothe minor irritations.



Help keep your face and your body hydrated by misting your skin with a hydrosol before applying your facial serum or body oil or balm.  This not only helps the oil absorb into the skin but will lock in the moisture and healing benefits of the hydrosol.  Generously mist your skin while it is still damp then apply your oil blend or balm straight away.  Your skin will be moisturised and hydrated with gorgeous dewy radiant health.


Think of hydrosols as a botanical toner for your face except without the alcohol, synthetic fragrances and who knows what else that can be added!  They are 100% pure, beautifully hydrating, toning and soothing with lots of healing goodness from the plant.




Gently mist your face to hydrate and refresh your skin or when needing a ‘pick me up’.  Great to use whenever you are feeling mentally fatigued or stressed, your skin needs a boost after a long flight, or after being out in the sun or wind all day.  Your skin will soak in the healing benefits of the hydrosol while emotionally you’ll feel refreshed by the therapeutic goodness from the plant.

Try soaking cotton-wool pads with lavender, lavandin or lemon balm hydrosol and place over your eyelids to help soothe and refresh.




To soothe tired, achy feet put 100 mls of *peppermint, lavandin or lavender hydrosol into a large bowl of warm water and place tired feet in to rest.

For an added soothing boost chop up bits of fresh lavender or rosemary herbs into the bowl to infuse in the warm water for approx. 20 mins before adding the hydrosol and your feet.  You can have the water quite hot first so it’ll be at a lovely warm temperature by the time 20 mins is up.  Soak your feet among the herbs and hydrosol and you can even throw in a handful of Epsom Salts for extra goodness.

Great at soothing aching joints in the feet and ankles.





Make a cold compress with *peppermint or lavender hydrosol.  Soak a muslin cloth or face cloth in the hydrosol.  Place on your forehead and rest leaving it there for at least an hour.  You can also spray your forehead and temples several times a day.




Spray lavender, lavandin or lemon balm hydrosol over your pillow, bed linen and pyjamas to support winding down, relaxation and sleep.



I hope these ideas have inspired you to include these special aromatic waters in your well-being + skin routine.

They truly are very special healing botanical waters that are natural, versatile, gentle and healing.


*Safety note: avoid with children under 3 years old.