Your first treatment at Chickweed Apothecary will always begin with a chat and a confidential general health consultation.  This is so I can gather information to help me tailor a treatment to meet your specific needs as well as choose the right oils for you.

For this reason, please allow a little extra time for your first appointment with me.

Aromatherapy Massage


Experience a treatment where the healing touch of massage is enhanced with nature’s 100% pure botanical oils.

You’ll receive a wonderfully restoring massage that releases tension held in the body allowing time to rest and soothe a busy mind.  The massage style used is a combination of Swedish and aromatherapy massage as well as some myofascial release therapy if needed.

Chickweed Apothecary’s pure botanical massage balms and blends are specifically crafted to support you, nourish your skin, aromatically inspire and ease the tension in your body and mind.

 30-minute massage $50.00

Release tension in the back, neck + shoulders or area of concern.

For your 30-minute massage you get to choose from the following three Chickweed Apothecary botanical massage balms.


Balance.  Nurture.  Soothe.

A comforting massage blend of healing lavender blossom infused in sunflower oil and boosted with lavender and sweet marjoram essential oils.

Feel soothed, balanced and rested.  Tension melts away while muscular aches and pains are soothed.


Reconnect.  Balance.  Embrace.

A balancing blend of lavender blossom infused oil enhanced with bergamot, frankincense, geranium and ylang ylang essential oils.

Feel uplifted while the centring effects of frankincense calms your mind.  The deeply soothing properties of bergamot, geranium and ylang-ylang returns a sense of sweet balance and harmony.


Rejuvenate.  Positivity.  Contentment.

A restorative blend of lavender blossom infused oil with hints of pine, geranium, cardamom, patchouli, and copaiba balsam essential oils.

For the moment let all burdens and responsibilities ease away.  This warming massage blend revives a tired mind restoring a sense of strength, positivity, contentment and acceptance.


60-minute massage $100.00
90-minute massage $120.00

This massage treatment indulges all the senses and is wonderfully therapeutic.

At Chickweed Apothecary I offer a unique massage treatment that uses a combination of myofascial release therapy, hot stones and aromatherapy massage with aromatic botanicals.

The treatment concentrates on more relaxing strokes while using a bespoke blend of oils created just for you.  Tension in the muscles and soft tissue restrictions will be released using the effective Myofascial Release Therapy.  I then combine soothing hot stones with aromatherapy massage to melt away aches and pains, support circulation and enhance the flow of restoring energy.

You will feel restored, relaxed and nurtured.


I am trained in Myofascial Release Therapy which I often include in my massage treatment with you if needed.

Myofascial Release Therapy (MFR) is a very effective treatment that focuses on releasing muscular shortness and tightness.  It’s a safe and effective hands-on technique that stretches and lengthens the fascia, allowing the muscles to return to their healthier length, position and function.  MFR changes the restrictive holding patterns in the soft tissue, increasing the range of movement and restoring overall function in the body.  I’ve had amazing results using this technique and I can’t recommend it enough to help release tension and tightness in areas of the body.


Facial Radiance™ is a unique massage therapy that follows the meridian pathways of your head and face.  It balances your body systems, releases tension in the head, neck and jaw area bringing about a deep sense of relaxation.  Further, stimulation of your facial muscles helps with facial rejuvenation, clears tension, increases blood flow, encourages collagen growth and gives you a beautiful radiant glow.

This very gentle treatment uses a special combination of massage and pressure point techniques to release deeply held tension in the facial and head muscles.  Once this tension is released, your face will lift, opening your eyes, defining your jaw and cheek bones, removing fine lines and allowing any deeper lines to soften. It gives you a beautifully relaxed and radiant look!

At the start of the treatment you will be pampered with a relaxing mini facial cleanse and moisturise using Chickweed Apothecary 100% pure Botanical Face Serums and Mists made from the highest quality oils, extracts and hydrosols.


Allow: 1 hr : 20 minutes

Cost: $135.00


You’ll experience

  • a gentle cleanse, tone and moisturise using Chickweed Apothecary Botanical Face Serums + Mists selected for your specific skin type;
  • Facial Radiance™ massage therapy;
  • Stress releasing scalp massage;
  • Grounding and relaxing foot massage with a botanical massage balm of your choice to complete the treatment.
Facial Treatments
Facial Radiance treatments


Enjoy holistic health benefits from frequent treatments.

Having a massage can do you the world of good and having regular massages can do even more!

Including massage as a necessary part of your health and wellness plan and budgeting time and money for treatments is a positive investment in your health.

Purchase a massage package and receive 10% discount.

Many conditions benefit from having regular treatments, and to help make regular treatments an affordable option for you I’ve put together a range of packages which gives you 10% discount of the full price.

Your appointments are taken care off as they will all be booked ahead so you don’t have to think about them again.

Express Session Package

$225.00 (Normal Price $250.00)

5 x 30-minute massage treatments

For those with a busy schedule who want to receive the benefits of regular massage to address muscular aches + pains.  This package includes five 30-minute massage treatments.

Signature Aromatherapy Massage Package : 60

$360.00 (Normal Price $400.00)

4 x 60-minute massage treatments

Your mind, body and spirit will feel restored with a session of four 60-minute signature aromatherapy massages.  This is an opportunity to have regular massages so you can experience the many physical and mental benefits that are enjoyed with regular treatments.

Signature Aromatherapy Massage Package : 90

$430.00 (Normal Price $480.00)

4 x 90-minute massage treatments

Carving regular time out to look after ourselves is important to how we cope with the stress and busyness of this fast-paced world. Having regular massages can, without a doubt, help to manage stress and have a positive impact on our health.  This package is perfect if you would love scheduled time-out to completely relax, be pampered, escape from the hustle + bustle and re-charge.

Facial Radiance™ Package

$486.00 (Normal Price $540.00)

4 x 1 hr : 20 minute Facial Radiance™ treatments

Release long-held tension in your facial muscles, jaw line and scalp.  Stimulate circulation around your facial area helping to clear congestion and enhancing skin health.  Enjoy the hydrating benefits of skin-nourishing oils packed with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.

You’ll see a noticeable difference from the very first treatment, and enjoying regular treatments over a 4 – 6-week period will bring a more permanent and radiant result.


How to Pay
Payments can be made by cash, internet banking or by EFTPos.  Payment is due on day of visit.  Treatment Packages are to be paid in advance.

Any appointment changes or cancellations are accepted 24 hours prior to appointment.  Please respect that.

If you arrive late to the appointment the time may be shortened.

I’m aware how busy life can be and the demands on our time.  Moments for self-care can be a struggle to find as well as prioritise.  But this is exactly what we need to help us deal with the busyness, keep ourselves well and have the energy to give back to others.

This is time to take care of YOU.

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Treatments at Chickweed Apothecary are exclusively by appointment only.

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My aim is to help you improve and maintain your health + well-being.  I’m not a General Practitioner and I’m not qualified to diagnose medical conditions.  If you have certain medical conditions, I may need the consent of your GP or specialist before you have a treatment.  If you have any concerns or queries, please feel free to contact me.