A gift satchel with 3 of our most loved essential oil blends.


  • Happiness – particularly helpful in times of stress, mental strain or when a ‘pick me up’ is needed.
  • Lighten – relax, unwind and ease a busy mind.  A special blend containing citrus notes of sweet orange and bergamot with the deeply soothing aromatics of frankincense.  A hint of exquisite neroli has also been added to help lighten emotional heaviness and tension.
  • Lavandin ‘Grosso’ – distilled from our very own lavender in our Chickweed Apothecary gardens.  Very similar calming and balancing aromatics as Lavender angustifolia, but with attributes that also help ease respiratory conditions. Lavandin ‘Grosso’ is the favoured variety that is grown in the South of France.


Each essential oil blend comes with its own information leaflet.


All Chickweed Apothecary aromatherapy products are formulated by Melanie at Chickweed Apothecary, a qualified aromatherapist.

No synthetic scents. Plant-based. Cruelty-Free.

Pure essential oils are not just about a pleasant aroma.  They’re also a powerful mix of nature’s chemicals that, when used correctly, can have a positive effect on your emotions and well-being.



Depending on the blend of essential oils they can be used in an essential oil burner or diffuser to help with winding down after a busy day, to sharpen the mind and help with focus when studying or working, or just to create a beautiful nurturing ambiance.

Essential Oil Burner/Diffuser - add 4–8 drops to water in a burner or diffuser.  Always diffuse intermittently (see how to here).

Tissue - put 1 drop of of your chosen essential oil synergistic blend on a tissue to carry around with you and inhale at regular intervals.



Therapeutic plant oils possess a wide range of healing properties that can be used effectively to support your health and well-being.  However, the information here is not intended to substitute the advice provided by your healthcare professional or physician.



Please read individual essential oil synergistic blend's safety information before using.