A gift box to  … Inspire.  Dream.  Enchant.


Using aromatherapy for emotional support can definitely play a positive and supportive part in our wellbeing and helping to uplift our spirits.

This is why I created Enchantment.


There are two aromatherapy products in the Enchantment range which contain a delicate blend of pure essential oils with aromatics nurture inspiration, uplift our spirits and help us reconnect to our heart where creativity resides.

This beautiful Gift Box also comes with the sweetest little Enchantment Crystal Set.



  • Enchantment Botanical Mood Mist
  • Enchantment Essential Oil Synergistic Blend
  • Enchantment Crystal Set in a Jute Bag



Place the crystals beside you.

Set a positive intention.

Hold this intention in your mind while you gently breathe in the delicate aromatics.

Use the Enchantment affirmation to help strengthen and focus your intention.



These aromatics will encourage playful imagination, lighten the spirt and bring back a sense of wonder for life and its possibilities.



Enchantment Aromatherapy products are formulated by Melanie at Chickweed Apothecary, a qualified aromatherapist.

No synthetic scents. Plant-based. Cruelty-Free.


Please note: I only have a small number of Enchantment Gift Boxes available for sale.

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The Enchantment Gift Box includes the following specially crafted ‘limited edition’ products:


  • Botanical Mood Mist – Enchantment - 100 ml

The combination of nature's floral waters (hydrosols), essential oils and flower essences make Enchantment Botanical Mood Mist an extra special, natural, gentle way to have a little support when you need it.

Created with aromatics that uplift and calm and help you to reconnect with your dreams with a sense of clarity and freshness.

Set an intention and lightly mist over yourself or the space around you and inhale deeply.  Repeat the Enchantment affirmation to strengthen and focus your intention.


  • Essential Oil Synergistic Blend – Enchantment - 5 ml

This synergy of sweet, enchanting essential oils is specially crafted to lift heavy feelings and sense of despondency.

When we go through tough times our zest for life can slowly ebb away and worries can start to feel heavy on our shoulders.   It's easy to lose sight of hope, and we can forget to play, smile, use our imagination and dream of new possibilities or ventures … the stuff that fills our soul.

Perfect to diffuse in the home in an essential oil burner or diffuser to help lift a low mood or when working on a creative project.


  • Enchantment Crystal Set

A set of 5 mini crystals that encourage positivity, emotional balance, peace and enchantment.

The Enchantment Crystal Set includes:

  • Amethyst – spiritual growth, protection, healing, peace, calmness
  • Citrine – ‘stone of success’; promotes and manifests success
  • Green Calcite – money and prosperity, health and emotional balance
  • Rose Quartz – ‘stone of unconditional love’, absorbs, stores and regulates positive energy

Comes with a Crystal Mini Guide and a little jute bag so you can carry your crystals wherever you go.