Botanical Box of Tranquil


The Botanical Box of Tranquil contains three carefully crafted products that help nurture self-care routines using aromatics to support relaxation, rest and feelings of calm.


  • Tranquil pure essential oil synergistic blend
  • Lavender / Lavandin ‘Grosso’ Botanical Hydrosol
  • Botanical Foot Balm – Lavender + Sweet Marjoram


Using Tranquil pure essential oil synergistic blend in a diffuser or essential oil burner will help to create an ambience for relaxation and calm.

Lightly mist the lavender hydrosol over your bed linen, pillow and pyjamas to create a relaxing haven for sleep.

Then lastly, just before hopping into bed, massage a small amount of the skin-nourishing Botanical Foot Balm into your feet each night.  This specially crafted balm will care for the often neglected skin on our feet as well as letting you gently inhale the calming aromatics that support relaxation and sleep.

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The Botanical Box of Tranquil contains:


  • Tranquil Essential Oil Synergistic Blend - 5 ml

pure essential oils of lavender, bergamot, petitgrain, ylang ylang

Feelings of calm and emotional balance are inspired by Tranquil.  The aromatic virtues of this essential oil blend provide gentle support, soothing away nervous tension and helping us to relax and ‘let go’.


  • Lavender or Lavandin 'Grosso' Botanical Hydrosol - 100 ml

Calming and cooling to body, mind and spirit.

Use as a body mist, pillow mist, facial toner, or room spray.  Eases skin irritations, soothes minor burns, and calms the emotions.


Botanical Foot Balm – Lavender + Sweet Marjoram - 30 g

Massaging this skin nourishing, aromatic foot balm into your feet each night is an act of self-love that leaves you feeling balanced and grounded while soothing tired feet, dry skin and a busy mind.

A nurturing way to end the day.


A gift of Tranquility in a box.