A gift box of specially crafted natural botanical skin care to cleanse, hydrate and moisturise delicate facial skin and decolletage using a fusion of luxurious oils, botanical extracts and floral hydrosols.


The Botanical Skin Care Gift Box also includes a 100% bamboo cotton face cleansing cloth handcrafted in New Plymouth, NZ.


  • Botanical Face Serum – Violet Infused Cleanse
  • Botanical Face Mist – Neroli + Rose
  • Botanical Face Serum – Rose Radiance
  • Crochet bamboo cotton cleansing cloth


A perfect gift box for those who honour natural skin care and nature.


Your skin will feel softer, healthier and deeply nourished.


All ingredients are grown and sourced sustainably and ethically.

Priority is always given to you, your skin and our beautiful planet


Plant-Based.  Cruelty-Free.  Support Local.

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The Botanical Skin Care Gift Box contains:


  • Botanical Face Serum – Violet Infused Cleanse - 50 ml

A specially crafted botanical oil facial cleanser with oils carefully selected to gently cleanse, removing make-up and grime while protecting the skin’s moisture barrier.

A hint of sweet orange and kanuka essential oils are added to soothe and calm skin while their aromatics will uplift and refresh the spirit.


  • Botanical Face Mist – Neroli + Rose - 50 ml

An aromatically enchanting face mist that captures the nurturing, calming and rejuvenating properties of neroli and rose to deeply hydrate and tone the skin.

There is nothing quite like the beautiful scent of Neroli + Rose Face Mist and its gentle therapeutics will cool, soothe and refresh the skin.

Perfect to carry around in your handbag to use whenever you or your skin need an aromatic refresh.

A decadent botanical drink for your skin.


  • Botanical Face Serum – Rose Radiance - 30 ml

A luxurious face serum embracing the best plant and seed therapeutics to moisturise, protect and deeply nourish all layers of the skin leaving it silky-soft and radiant-looking.

A delicate hint of rose brings sweet, gentle comfort that calms and supports the heart while delivering anti-oxidant and soothing therapeutics to the skin.


  • Crochet 100% Bamboo Cotton Reusable Facial Cleansing Cloth

The soft luxurious texture of bamboo cotton with crochet stitches is ideal for gentle face cleaning.

Gentle hand wash.

Crocheted by hand in 100% bamboo cotton yarn.  Handmade in New Plymouth, NZ