Unique soft scent draws you in, the aromatics float around + through you

Busy thoughts are soothed; unease and self-doubt wash away.

The mind is cleansed and calm,

inner strength + composure returned.

Trusting in your wisdom once more.

Botanical Name:

Lavandula angustifolia



An aromatic ‘rescue remedy’.  Lavender (aka English lavender) can often be overlooked which is a pity when it has a vast range of therapeutic properties that we can find helpful both physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I find the aromatics of lavender have a way of helping me come back to my centre, to let go of what is not supportive and allowing me to feel a calm inner strength.  Even just taking a gentle smell of lavender has the ability to soothe away worries and bring reassurance.


Parts Used:

blossom + stalks



cool + dry



analgesic, antidepressant, adaptogen, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, cicatrising, hypotensive, sedative, vulnerary,



softly-sweet + floral-herbal


Safety Note:

Lavender essential oil is a safe oil when used correctly.

Do not use during the 1st trimester of pregnancy.

See further down for Extra Safety Tips.


Lavender is found in the following Chickweed Apothecary products:


You may have heard me mentioning lavandin lately and you’re not sure what it is.  Is it lavender or is it another plant altogether?

Lavandin is a loved member of the lavender family and it is a cross between English Lavender (L. angustifolia) and Spike Lavender (L. latifolia).

The type of Lavandin that we grow and harvest is the ‘grosso’ variety which is particularly favoured in France for its high essential oil yield.  It has one of the stronger scents among the lavender family and produces large deep violet blossoms.


Botanical Name:

Lavandin x intermedia



Lavandin ‘Grosso’s’ therapeutic value is similar to English lavender but due to its more rubefacient nature it is a better choice for use for support with respiratory and circulatory conditions as well as muscle stiffness and aches + pains.


Lavandin still has the very supportive attribute of bringing a sense of balance and calm that English lavender is well-known for but her aromatics are a little punchier and fresher.


Parts Used:

blossom + stalks



cool + dry



analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antispasmodic, diaphoretic, nervine, hypotensive, rubefacient, sedative, vulnerary



strong + floral-herbal


Safety Note:

Lavandin essential oil is a safe oil when used correctly.

Avoid use during pregnancy due to high camphor content.

Possible irritant to sensitive skin.

See further down for Extra Safety Tips.



Lavandin is found in the following Chickweed Apothecary products:


It is best to harvest your lavender/lavandin late morning on a sunny, dry day.  Late morning is preferred once the dew has evaporated and before the sun’s heat affects the volatile oils in the plant.

I only harvest what I need and make sure I leave plenty for the bees and other pollinators to visit.

You can use your picked lavender/lavandin fresh or dried depending on what your purpose is.

If you want to dry your lavender, it generally takes 2-3 days to dry when hung in small bundles or placed on a drying rack in a dry, warm space, with air flow and away from direct sun.



Relax + Unwind

Add 4-8 drops of lavender essential oil to water in a burner or diffuser.  To support a restful sleep, use in a diffuser 1-hour before going to bed.


Grounding + Clearing

Add 4-8 drops of lavandin essential oil to water in a burner or diffuser.  Take a couple of long, slow, deep breaths … relax, feeling the tension in your body ease away.


Slow down.  Give yourself a little time to take a break and notice the beautiful scent coming through.  Have your favourite music playing, or…. immerse yourself in a good book in a sunny spot in your favourite room, or …. pick yourself some flowers to place beside you … relax among the soothing aromatics.



Support During the Day or Tension Headache Relief

Place a drop of essential oil on a tissue to carry around with you and inhale at regular intervals.  Really helpful to have on hand whenever you need support to ease feelings of overwhelm that may be experienced throughout the day.  Or may help to bring relief if experiencing a mild headache caused by emotional tension.


Lavender Smoke Medicine
Lavender and Lavandin are plants that can be picked, dried and bundled tightly together with cotton string and burned for their aromatic cleansing, healing and calming properties.


Used as a smoke medicine, lavender/lavandin embraces serenity and calm helping to clear away the clutter and scatteredness of a busy mind.  Performing this ritual helps to clear and cleanse the air when feeling overwhelmed and life seems frantic and unsettled.

When performing this ritual, mindfully hold your intention of cleansing negative vibrations, while releasing self-doubt, anxiety and worries.  Call in to yourself and your home blessings of peace, healing, inner strength and composure.



Massage Body Blend (adults) – useful for minor skin burns, irritations, muscle stiffness + aches + pains, bruising + swelling.

Add 3 – 5 drops of lavender / lavandin essential oil in 10 ml carrier oil e.g., jojoba, sunflower or coconut oil.  Gently massage over the area/s of concern using circular and long flowing strokes.

Tension Headache – use a drop of the above massage body blend and massage into templates.


Lavender Blossom Maceration Massage Oil

A gentle botanical oil that doesn’t use powerful, concentrated essential oils and instead the lavender or lavandin blossoms have been steeped in the oil for a number of weeks.  The oil is then strained from the plant material and we have an oil that is rich with the gentle healing compounds from the plant.  Perfect for sensitive and reactive skin or when you prefer a gentler form of care and healing.


Massaging a soothing lavender body oil blend gently over your skin before going to bed allows the calming therapeutic aroma to gently unwind your thoughts and support a restful, deep sleep.


(I’ll be posting on how to make your own lavender maceration in oil soon!)

When deep sadness covers the spirit like a suffocating blanket, lavender gently lifts the weight.  And for those with worries that trouble the spirit, lavender lifts the veil of despair.

– V Worwood

Extra Safety Tips:

The best advice is to diffuse essential oils intermittently.  Why?  Find out more here.

Do not use on children under 5-years.

Do not take lavender essential oil internally.

Do not apply undiluted essential oils directly to the skin or to bath water.  They need to be diluted in a carrier oil first.

Do you have questions?  You can flick me a note here.



Worwood, Valerie Ann.  2016.  The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy.  New World Library, California, USA.