I’ve realised I need to change a few things.


There are times when life throws a number of curve balls and I’ve had a few of these over the last 18 months.


Lately, I’ve become aware I’m feeling a lot more anxious than I used too.  Maybe you feel this too, especially with how unsettled the whole world has been this year.  Or maybe you’ve also experienced your share of personal challenges lately.


I’ve decided to help bring myself back to a calmer balance by changing the way I do the day-to-day tasks in my life.


One thing I’ve picked up on is that I’ve started to rush around more.  Which is ok when I need to.  But not if it’s become the default way of being.


And I’ve struggled to turn this off.  I rush through things like, getting dressed in the mornings.  Eating my breakfast.  Cooking dinner.

My nervous system is switched on, anticipating an emergency even while brushing my teeth.  Funny.  Not funny.


Another I’ve noticed is rushing through my evening cleansing routine.  A time where I could prioritise looking after myself.


Cleansing and removing makeup is something we do every day.

But, most times, I go on autopilot.  Thinking about all sorts of things except about what I’m doing.

I’ve decided to practice being mindful of the little things.
To stop the rush, slow down and bring my focus back on what I am doing.  Letting go of the habit of being busy.  Which can easily take over.


If I leave cleansing my skin right before bed, I find I rush through the process because, for some reason, I think I have to.  And then, once in bed, I try to relax.


I want to change this.


I’ve decided to gift myself time to have a mindful skin care ritual each night.


My cleansing routine will now be a time where I slow down and give myself 5 minutes to take care of me.  Quieten the thoughts, the busyness, soothe my nervous system with a couple of mindful deep breaths and relax and let go of the day.


Instead, I’ll now cleanse my skin after dinner before I wind down into the evening.  This way I’ll have more focused energy to set a calm intention.


Lavender Aromatherapy
Pick 2-3 flowers like *lavender blossoms, rose petals or even chickweed to put in the cleansing water.
  • Lavender : healing + calming
  • Roses : nurturing + soothing
  • Chickweed : anti-inflammatory + soothes redness.
Fill bathroom basin with warm (not hot) water and place the flowers in the water to infuse (only 2 or 3 so they can easily be collected afterwards and not clog up the plug).



  • Clean your skin using a cleansing oil like our Botanical Face Serum – Violet Infused Cleanse.
  •  Put 2-3 drops onto your fingertips and gently massage over the face, neck and decolletage.  Focus on the nose and chin areas and keep your strokes smooth, even and going upwards.
  • As you are massaging allow your mind to drift or concentrate on the sensations on our skin.


Cleanse + Hydrate

  • Soak face cloth in the flower-infused warm water and gently remove oil (and dirt) from your face.
  •  Soak cloth again in the infused warm water.  Lightly wring out and place over skin, leave approx. 1 minute and take 2 – 3 deep breaths to help relax and release the day.
  •  Wipe away the oil with the cloth and rinse the excess oil of the face.
  •  Pat the skin dry then apply a light spritz of a Botanical Face Mist.  This not only smells beautiful but gives your facial skin a hydrating drink.



  • Apply your favourite Face Serum (I can recommend Rose Radiance).
  • For an extra hydrating + moisturising boost … apply 1-3 drops of face serum to the palm of your hand then add a few mists of our Botanical Face Mist, emulsify between hands and press into face, neck and décolletage.  Gently massage into the skin in slow circular movements.
  •  Inhale the sweet aromatics of rose allowing gentle comfort to calm and support the heart ❤️.
These are little moments that we can give to ourselves to help support our emotional wellbeing and look after our skin.

They are small rituals that bring balance to our busy life and help release anxiety enabling a lighter positive energy to flow in.


* there are other flowers / herbs you could chose like … calendula (healing), chamomile (calming) and violet flowers (cooling).  Make sure they are spray-free before using.


As tempting as it may be, do not put undiluted essential oil drops directly in to the water.  Water and oil do not mix and you have potential of undiluted drops coming in contact with your delicate facial skin and causing a reaction.  You and your skin will definitely not feel calm after that!


I’ve mentioned Chickweed Apothecary Face Serums and Mists because they are my preference, contain high quality ingredients, cruelty-free and I love them.  Of course, you can use the skin products you prefer or have on hand.


For extra skin love, I recommend double cleansing your skin in the evening.  Why?  The first cleanse removes the makeup and surface dirt then the second cleanses more deeply.  You can also spend time with the second cleanse giving yourself a mini facial massage ❤️.


In the morning I recommend only giving your skin a light hydrating refresh.  Bathe your skin with warm water, lightly spritz with Botanical Mist, then apply your face serum locking in the hydration.  Once dry, apply a sun block to protect your skin throughout the day.