About chickweed apothecary

Chickweed Apothecary evolved from a passion for plants, natural body products, simplicity and a deep respect for nature and her wisdom.

We believe botanical ingredients contain the healing essence of a plant and hand-crafted botanical products produced in small batches, with care, while respecting the plant and earth creates a vastly superior product.

The Chickweed Apothecary Cottage, where we create our botanical products, is housed amongst the plants in the Chickweed gardens.  Surrounded by the slightly wild yet nurtured plants and herbs, it is a haven for our product making.

 Where we can, we use most of our own plants to create infused oils, hydrosols (aromatic waters) and a little essential oil to make our products.  The moon and the seasons guide us as we prefer to follow nature’s natural rhythm and balance.

Our respect for nature goes deep and when we can’t use our own plants from our gardens, sourcing organic, sustainable + ethically harvested pure ingredients is extremely important to us.

Even our packaging and shipping materials have been chosen with great care.  We do our best not to waste packaging and we use eco-bags to courier our products to you and re-use the boxes and packaging material that our supplies have been delivered in.

We believe essential oils are extremely precious and should be savoured. Saved for those times when we truly need support.

Being a qualified clinical aromatherapist I practice the safe guidelines that are set by IFPA (International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists).  Where essential oils have been added to our products, they’re at a dilution that is gentle and kind to the long-term health of you and your skin.

We have transparency.
We will always supply the full list of ingredients that are in our products.
Knowing what you are putting on your skin is important to us and we know this will be important to you too.


Chickweed (Stellaria media)

Chickweed is a small trailing gentle herb, that endows many medicinal virtues.  She has tiny white flowers shaped like stars.  Her Latin name, Stellaria, means “little star”.

“Chickweed sings of bright beginnings, welcoming you to her path.”

(Toll, M. The Illustrated Herbiary, pg 17)

About Founder : 

Meet Melanie


Melanie is an internationally qualified clinical aromatherapist, holistic massage therapist, botanical product formulator and currently immersing herself in herbal training.

Having a life time passion for plants, respecting nature and natural healing has gradually evolved into Chickweed Apothecary.  Ten years ago, Melanie gave in to the yearning to work with plants and dedicated a number of years towards study and building her business.  She is now doing what she loves.



“I create natural body products for people who want a nature focused approach to their skincare and well-being.  Who want quality and authenticity over quantity and mass marketing.  Who feels strongly about looking after our planet and understands we do have the power to make a difference with the single choices we make.

It’s my wish that Chickweed Apothecary products gift you a connection to nature’s healing power.  Helping you develop rituals of self-care that inspire a subtle, gentle shift to feeling nurtured, empowered and restored.

I have a deep passion for nature, time-honoured herbal traditions + wisdom, and beautiful natural products you can trust and love.


Chickweed Apothecary is my reflection of this.”